Quantum Angel Therapy

I would love to be able to explain in the best possible manner what it means to me to be able to help and enlighten different situations, to find the pieces of the puzzle that are missing or do not fit; the closest word to the meaning is happiness. I feel blessed to be able to communicate with the Angels, Archangels and Beings of Light, send their messages and be able to help heal, awaken or perhaps teach others the path to their own Origin.

I know that at some points in our lives we feel held back, desperate, or that we cannot find the way to resolve a conflict. Many times we have no answers about repeated experiences in our lives, no cure for our illnesses or even our memories. In some situations we do not know how to help and guide our children. Some of us don’t know how to become parents because of different blockages.

I have prepared myself for these and many other issues and thanks to the guidance of your Angels, Beings of Light and the Divine, I can help you clear all your doubts and feel at peace and in harmony with yourself.

How can I help you with Angel Therapy?

I will be a communication channel between you and your Angels, Beings of Light, Masters and positive Guides. Life is full of challenges and dreams to be fulfilled. I can help you, I will guide you in finding your own most profound answers. We will reflect together and do an intense investigation work of self inspection. All this and much more with the help of our Angels and Archangels.

  • Your Angels will guide you to find the real causes of the conflict, painful or disharmonious situation you are living. In that moment you will be in touch with your truth and you will HEAL.
  • With the help of the Angels, Beings of Light and our Guides; I will give you guidelines to increase your self-esteem and love yourself more.
  • You will discover your special gifts and talents.
  • You will get to know your life project more clearly. Understand your mission.
  • The Angels with their high and loving energy will help you to improve and balance your own energy level.

You can find your way and solve questions about your current job or your job hunt, they can give you information about your home, your health, relationships and family, economic situation and everything that blocks you or where you have doubts and tasks to complete.

Please bear in mind:

  • It is a very deep healing and you must be willing to follow the process. For this reason the person needs to come of his or her own free will.
  • All information you give is strictly confidential.
  • You’ll get specialized knowledge.
  • You will find that in some adversities that you live there is a benefit after all.

You should know:

  • On average, a Quantum Angel Therapy takes about 2 to 3 hours.
  • You should be in a quiet, undisturbed environment.
  • You will get to know the Angels who accompany you and they will give you some messages through their cards at the end of the therapy.
  • Each therapy is unique and does not require a follow-up appointment. Sometimes as the months or years go by you may want to consult a different issue and of course you are always welcome.
  • The therapies can be performed in person or online; no physical contact is required.
  • In case of online therapy, we use Zoom or Skype, agreeing on the technology beforehand.
  • You can receive transgenerational healings. You can receive transgenerational healings. That is, by helping yourself, you will help those involved, for example, certain conflicts may not have to be repeated by your descendants.


  • Angel Terapy cannot be performed on children. In the case of children the therapy is performed on the parents and thus the children benefit through quantum linkage.
  • No therapy can be given to people with mental illness (Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc.).
  • As in the case of children, therapy can be performed on family members to change their perception.

To book a Quantum Angel Therapy please make an appointment in the booking calendar.