Business Consulting

If you care about your company, you feel that the business is like a child to you and you feel that it is not progressing in its objectives, the working environment is heavy or in a certain way not healthy, I can provide a Business Consultancy where I guide you to heal the problems that exist. We the business leaders are the key piece, the foundation, the stimulus to solve conflicts with love, to correct mistakes, to create a solid base to grow with resilience and optimism.

Life has changed dramatically, processes are faster, we generally have less time or a way of looking at life that we call more practical.

For many entrepreneurs their business is like a child to them and they care about it and are affected not only by the economic situation, but even more so by the emotional state. I will help your child to better understand itself and its environment, you will learn to understand the processes from a perspective of love as the primary tool. You as a guide will have advice to better understand, I will help you understand yourself as a mother, father or teacher.

I have lived in different countries with my children and my husband, I have had the opportunity to see different cultures and no matter what country I am in, I have come to several conclusions and among them the following: If we want our projects to be successful in the long run, we have to address our fears, emotional pain and conflicts from the beginning. Helping all the people involved with the company, listening to them and understanding them from now on.

We will find together and with much light the way to create a balance of living together, to grow side by side in a positive way, with companionship, avoiding unnecessary pain but without coercing the possibility of experiencing and working in full swing. You will enjoy being like a family in your company.

We will have inspiring talks, meetings and therapies to reach you and your employees. We will share tips, strategies that work for others in resolving conflicts and those involved will be heard and guided to heal, thus avoiding the repeticion of painful processes.

I invite you to seed a spirit of security, companionship and harmony in your company.

I invite you to make an appointment in the booking calendar.